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WANDERING IN ITALY ... abrod Introduction
The number of online travel websites continues to grow exponentially, just think that the share of expenditure relating to online holidays purchasing today is almost of € 1000 (one thousand / euro) per year per person; alongside websites that consolidate their position in the market, there are many others that disappear as they fail to achieve the economic balance between the enormous investments required and sales or due to a poor offer of services in terms of quality and effectiveness ( traditional method) and strong competition.
In the near future, we will see further consolidations;
• The websites will have to offer more competitive sales services with new methodologies and technologies;
• The websites, will have to think about providing more and more personalized information in real time.
The personalization of the offers to customer is an essential element for its finalization and Wander in Italy project has this prerogative in its essence.
By now the online holidays packages offer is increasingly diversified with specialized and personalized trips, for every taste and desire.

Why do you have to buy online?
Travels are an ideal product for sale through our Wandering in Italy project: those who buy holidays packages cannot "see", "touch", "try" the product before buying it. Those who buy holidays packages look for information about offers (flight, hotel, cost) much complete as possible (what the weather will be, what there is to see and buy, where to eat, local curiosities and perhaps additional services), pay and receive travel tickets even in real time: all operations that can be done well and quickly online.

Average annual purchases of the online
By now the online travel offer is diversifying more and more with specialized, branded trips, customized for every taste and desire. In general, however, all websites offer "call centers", telephone assistance centers, where users can have direct information from operators on the phone to complete the transaction. The most used means of payment are credit cards and bank transfers.

How the idea was born
The idea stems from two important needs of the potential travel buyer:
a. He need to have a "dedicated" Travel Agent who can provide, in addition to the contents and the cost, a series of personalized information about travel package (s) to which the Client is interested.
b. A personalized, fast, convenient and above all safe tool to access information.

Let us now analyse these two important points
a. Often the contents of a travel program are presented solely through the aid of traditional systems that often get confused with the competition and are not visible to the potential buyer. The buyer is not interested in the price when it is not competitive and when he is not solicited to purchase through suitable tools.
b. Online sales do not escape the above. Today there is a multitude of online sites that offer holidays all in the same way, therefore with difficulty in being preferred. The information must be deeply personalized as possible in order to satisfy the tastes and expectations of users; faster as possible in order to don’t let the Customer flee towards competitive offers; comfortable, purchasable immediately and without making the Customer move from his environment; safe through an opportunity to talk with "someone" who can be visible as well as "audible" in short, who transmits a "psychological" security to the customer who buys.

The services offered
From these two crucial points comes the idea of Wandering in Italy such as an online holiday sales service with a travel agent affiliated, adequately trained and specialized also for specific tourist product segments. Affiliated Travel Agent meets customers (from all over the world) via video, dedicating them the time necessary to understand their needs and be able to offer the ideal holiday solution and more.

How the product / service works
The Customer enter in our website and ask for an appointment with an affiliated Travel Agent located in the area chosen or, failing this, with the closest Wandering in Italy’ member. The Independent Travel Advisor with Wandering in Italy will connect at the scheduled time will provide for all the information to the customer like to be in a travel agency, but in virtual way. At the end of the interview, the Customer can conveniently purchase the travel package (by credit card or bank transfer) and receive the travel documents in PDF in real time or later.
Description of the product / service offered.
How and why does it match with customers expectation?
The products that can be offered are innumerable. Here some examples:
• Hotels, farm Houses, B & Bs and non-hotel facilities
• Holiday packages for individuals and groups
• Air, naval and railway ticketing
• Ticket office for musical and sporting events
• Travel insurance
• Wedding packages
• Cruises & Mini cruises
• Tour Operator products of the parent company.
• Products for traveling (luggage, maps also with memory cards, SIM cards, guides also for electronic devices)

The use of internet and the new wide screen Smart TV, allow anyone from home interact, sitting comfortably on a sofa with family or friends, with a Travel Advisor. The Travel Advisor will present itself with a logo backdrop, visible to those who interact via video chat.
This possibility can even be extended to other products, opening up an immense scenario to offer goods and services. In fact, our next development step refers to e-commerce sector in order to offer products originally from the area where the customer has been on vacation, maintaining a relationship with him.
How much it takes to start working
Times are quite short as the project only needs a period of training for the affiliates  

How to price the services and packages
The innovative project and the high level of penetration (also thanks to our network) on consumer markets can act as a lever in order to obtain favourable conditions and prices from operators and service providers. This possibility creates strong advantages on the market to offer more favourable conditions than the competitors.
Profit therefore comes from commissions and net prices (gross of royalties to be paid to the Wandering in Italy) provided by the accommodation facilities and other services contracted through Wandering in Italy.

Promotion: how to make the product known on the markets
The service can be promoted through:
1) search engines with SEO and Adv campaigns.
2) webinar Show made by our Head Office
3) social networks (pages on FB, LinkedIn Sales navigator, newsletters, referrals sharing)
4) TV, magazines and specialized magazines where to purchase portions of pages of specialized magazines.
5) trade fairs
6) email marketing, with a dedicated campaign.

Tools available for Independent Travel Advisor
  • Centralized accounting
  • Promotion and advertising to the Country where Independent Travel Advisor is located
  • Touristic Product sale from major Italian Touristic Groups
  • Wedding Point Organizer in Italy (WPO) *
  • Videoconferencing platform use, customized for sales, online consultancy, real-time updates, scheduled training
  • Online assistance
  • Periodic refresher courses
The project was born in order to offer a new innovative and constantly growing product:  Wedding Package.
The opportunity to offer to couples a package of services (Base, Superior, Deluxe) relating to a selection of locations located in different destinations together with a series of complementary services.

The use of videoconferencing with a dedicated platform even during the critical period of Covid-19 has been widely used as a technology that has radically changed the habits of people and therefore of customers. The Independent Travel Advisor only needs a computer, WiFi connection and a video camera. The same training conference calls will be made periodically through video chat technology.

How the package / service is produced
Wandering in Italy creates (or simply "assembles") tourist packages, generally including hotel nights and / or transfers (for example airline tickets), insurance policies, overnight stays, and other on-site services as well as undertaking partnership or collaboration agreements with other TOs and other actors for further product.

The management of the brand
The Licensor (Affiliating Company) grants the Licensee (Affiliated Company or Independent Travel Advisor), paying a fee, the right to sale goods and / or services and / or travel packages in addition to know-how transfer. The License to use the Trademark has a double advantage, on the one hand it benefits the Licensor who succeeds thanks to the reciprocal performance of the affiliate's services to increase his ability to penetrate the market, on the other it benefits the Licensee who uses of its position of reliability, allowing it to enter the market.
Exclusive clause. An exclusivity will be provided in the License Agreements for the use of the Brand, in which the Licensee does not sell goods and / or provide services in competition with those of the affiliate or the Licensor. In turn, the Licensor is bound not to sell goods and provide services or offer specific products in competition, either personally or through assignment to other Licensees.
Duration of the license agreement for the use of the trademark. There will be a maximum duration of the license agreement for the use of the trademark, such as to allow the Licensee the possible amortization of the investments made.
Definition of the subject of the trademark license agreement. All the know-how will be defined and described with particular detail and attention, i.e. the set of formulas, knowledge, distinctive signs that make it possible to identify the Licensor's products and services, as well as the type of commercial, promotional and marketing consultancy that the Licensor agrees to pass on to its affiliates.
The affiliate will have:
1. Tourist products, tours & wedding packages
2. Training course
3. Videocall Platform on demand to sale touristic products  
Providing a "unique" tool to promote the sale of Travel by cancelling the costs of:
1. Operating license
2. Accounting
3. Dedicated videoconferencing platform

What is the level commission for an Independent Travel Advisor
The commission level for an Independent Travel Advisor is 75% of the markup for each travel package sold

Affiliate fees
In order to promote the Network in an appropriate way, we have decided to offer advantageous conditions:
- Entrance fee € 1,000 (one thousand euros) to be paid upon signing the contract.  –  Suspended till tourism completely restarting
- Monthly fee € 100 (one hundred euros) Suspended till tourism completely restarting

Who we are
Our group is made by professionals in tourism & hotel sector, highly specialized in marketing and planning of services, for promotion and marketing, for food & beverage.
Created by from the union of professional skills of its members in order to offer customers a plurality of highly qualified services.
In addition to operating throughout the national territory, through foreign partners, our organization is able to assist the customer also at an international level.

Our specializations
Business check-up & start up
Assistance, insertion & promotion in product clubs
Destination Management
Identification, management & motivation of human resources.
Marketing, communication & training
Purchase and sale of accommodation facilities in Italy and abroad
"In House" and "On line" training courses
Energy consultancy with a reduction in production costs
Wedding organization & food and wine: we offer a complete plan for the promotion and marketing of event packages to be offered on foreign markets, particularly suitable for structures such as: Charming residences, Castles, Villas, Relais, prestigious rural structures.
The plan includes the following points: Territorial Analysis (SWOT), Structure Analysis, SWOT identification and outsourcing agreements, Identification of foreign markets, PR and Press Office Plan, Study tours & targeted workshops.

Awards received:
Italian Award for "Professional Of The Year 2017" for Mino Reganato
National Tourism Web Awards 2006 By Job In Tourism
National Tourism Web Awards 2009 By Job In Tourism
Italian Award for Responsible Tourism 2010
Italian Award for Responsible Tourism 2013

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